Mother of the Bride
(or Groom)

Finding the right outfit for the Mother of the Bride can be a hard task. You want to feel comfortable, but you want to look great. You definitely don’t want anyone else to be wearing the same outfit! At Maggie McAllister, I love making Mother of the Bride garments. They are my secret joy. Of course, I love seeing a bride in her dress, but you can’t beat the look on a Mother of the Bride’s face when she sees herself in the outfit we have made for her. I am as determined as you are that you will look amazing on the Wedding Day and in the outfit that we design together.

Suzanne Eden

“Maggie made my dress for my son’s wedding. She is so professional and a perfectionist. My dress was stunning and people still say to me about it. I would 100% recommend Maggie.”

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